The questionnaire will ask you questions about demographics, thoughts and feelings regarding diversity, activities you have been involved in, and what happened during the workshop. We are on Lekwungen and W̱SÁNEĆ land. Sexual Consent Instructional Activities Ontario Health and Physical Education Curriculum Meets the Ontario Health and Physical Education Curriculum expectations for Human Development and Sexual Health of the Healthy Living strand PPL 1O - C2.3 . This zine includes talking points and activities to help you facilitate that visioning conversation and support or shape your approach to violence prevention work. There is increasing interest in consent workshops for all ages in schools, colleges, universities, workplaces, conferences and other events. This consent workshop offers a chance for us to talk in a supportive and sex positive virtual space about how we can build consent into our everyday lives and into our relationships with the people we care about. I’ve used it in sex education with young people and adults, Meg-John has used it in training courses with therapists and we’ve both used it at seminars. Consent educational resources that provided here include a variety of documents that can be adapted to any workshop group. That’s an enthusiastic yes. Awareness-raising workshops in schools/colleges on sex and gender. Coercion and Consent Scenarios 1. Please contact, if you have any questions about any of the documents, need a different format or would like assistance tailoring the resources to your needs. Introduction Free Training activities, games,icebreakers, energizers and exercises. Using discussion, scenarios and worksheets, students learn how to “listen and look” for consensual words and behaviors and explore their own boundaries. Taken from my new Consent Teaching Pack. External training for teachers/staff on request. A few things about consent Important things to know about consent. Can’t bring me to you? Emergency Information, Organizations, and Resources, Some things to consider if you have recently been sexually assaulted, On-Campus Resources at the University of Victoria, Links to organizations, groups and websites, Volunteering with the Anti-Violence Project, Supporting remotely: Helping survivors and others during the pandemic, Going online: What we want you to know about our workshops, You are invited to the Anti-Violence Project’s Open House ***Postponed, (Un)learning Together: A community workshop series. Through activities and discussion, we will bust myths about sexualized violence and gender, explore the concept of rape culture and learn about consent (what it is, why it’s required, how to practice it). P.O.P!, a group of young people working with KCSARC to help prevent sexual violence, are hosting a six-workshop series focusing on consent to help answer this question. Consent educational resources that provided here include a variety of documents that can be adapted to any workshop group. An interactive activity gets everyone involved and shows how examples of consent and lack of consent feel and look. For self-identifying women. You can use the video and accompanying discussion guides (one for PARENTS, one for GROUP FACILITATORS) to spark conversations with teens about respectful relationships, the importance of consent, and how teens can ask for and give consent in their friendships and dating relationships. The Oregon Department of Education outlines what to teach: defining consent, describing how relationship power imbalances could impact personal boundaries, and being able to say—and respect hearing—no. The levels of exercise I Therefore lessons about consent and boundaries should acknowledge the importance of consent when it comes to sexual activities. Consent can’t be assumed or implied. Consent always needs an enthusiastic yes. Developed with the York Region District School Board H & PE curriculum consultant . By Monica Rivera. Generalist Training. California provides sample activities on how to teach consent. Last year, “I Always Get Consent” got over 1,000 college students like consent in person with consensual cardio classes, movie screenings, T-shirts, an interactive presentation about challenging rape culture. If you have other accessibility questions or needs, please email (function(){var ml="lgcvida%0jte4ron.pu",mi=";5B26:4>?7<86? The videos on which this lesson is based were designed to allow young people to learn what consent is, as well as how to recognize when it is, and is not, present. A Practical Framework for Teaching Consent. At the Anti-Violence Project, we believe in striving to create a culture of consent and care where everyone is free from violence. The guidance on consent education looks different from state to state. Other Workshops. Initial two/three hour Party With Consent workshop Table of Contents: 1) Introduction 2) Mental Warm-up 3) Consent Education 4) Entrepreneurial Education Introduction Brief Introduction from individual who brought us to campus 1) Each individual at the conversation shares: 1) Name 2) Reason why they came The World Cafe is a 20 year old workshop activity that draws on 7 design principles to create a simple, effective, and flexible format for hosting large group discussions for between 12 to 200 participants. In the workshop’s third session, two panelists addressed new approaches to creating a meaningful informed consent process. I, the undersigned parent(s) or guardian(s), hereby give permission for my child, , to participate in the activities connected with the Children's Program at the HEAV Virginia Homeschool Convention, on June 8-10, 2017 (the “activities”). Making Consent Real. :434>0;?2;A=>9;2:@>=1",o="";for(var j=0,l=mi.length;j